Admission Requirements

Personal Requirements

We seek applicants who...

  • passionately and competently seek to share the Good News
  • are eager to cross cultural borders
  • desire to participate in God's mission "to the ends of the earth".

Academic Requirement

Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. If you come from a European country and have not had the chance to earn a bachelor's degree, please contact us about BA-equivalency.

Applicants with an undergraduate Degree in Bible/Theology may receive advanced standing without credit.

Proficiency Exams
In some cases it is possible, to document knowledge gained outside the class room via a proficiency exam and thus receive credit... more

Contact us for more information.

Carolin Lepter
(BA in Management, MA in Intercultural Studies) is admissions counselor and academic advisor for the MA in ICL at the ESCT. Since 2010 she served primarily as CFO on the leadership team and filled various o ...