Modular System

All ESCT-programs are modular in nature, which allows for highly flexible and personalized courses of study.

Expect to spend 45 hours per credit hour at the undergraduate level (courses consist of 1-3 credit hours) and 50 hours at the graduate and post-graduate levels (3 cr. hrs. per course).

Each course consists of three phases:


Admitted students can access the Moodle course room appr. 6 weeks prior to the on-campus course period via our website. Course assignments in all programs and courses are described in the Moodle room and cover the time before and after each on-campus period.

  • Modular Courses - normally 5 days (Mon – Fri).

Each course is graded and and recorded. Course work and grades are accessible to students through CIU-Online.

ONLINE courses

Some courses can be taken online: Current courses

NEW in 2021-22: We have two online course formats.



Phase 1 involves 5-10 hours of study time during the first week prior to the live video period.
Phase 2 consists of 6 consecutive Saturdays with 5 one-hour Zoom sessions with breaks in-between.
Phase 3 extends over 8 weeks after the 6th planned Saturday. During this time students are to complete and submit their assignments.



Phase 1 and 2 starts with the first evening online session and consists of 12 weeks with one evening session of 2,5 hrs each.
Phase 3 extends over 3 weeks after the 12th planned evening. During this time students are to complete and submit their assignments.


Each student is supported by an Academic Advisor in the planning and scheduling of courses.