Certificate Programs

Not enough time for a complete degree program? How about a Certificate of Advanced Studies on the graduate level? With short on campus periods (five days/course) or fully online?

Lifelong learning opportunities allow you to continuously acquire skills for your area of ministry. Certificates of Advanced Studies (CAS) serve exactly this purpose. Our CAS consist of four courses on the graduate level (12 cr.hrs.) and are therefore ideally suited to help you:

  • master current challenges through specialized training.
  • deepen your knowledge and expand your skills without having to commit to a complete degree program.
  • get a qualified introduction to a topic while opening up options for further studies.

Completed CAS courses can be applied towards a master’s degree at ESCT or transferred to other universities.

You can choose between our Biblical Ministry Certificate (30 SE/cr.hrs.) or our shorter Certificates of Advanced Studies (12 SE/cr.hrs.)



Melissa Sailer
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Melissa Sailer

(M.A. in Theology, Giessen School of Theology). After working as a missionary in Malawi, East Africa, for one year, she studied Theology at the Giessen School of Theology for five years. In the meantime, sh ...