The Holy Spirit: A biblical-theological investigation

Moodle: 06.02.2017 - 05.05.2017
On-Campus: 06.03.2017 - 10.03.2017
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Course focus: CTH, BIB, MDiv, GLS MA
Topics covered
AWM-course-no: 2161001 CIU-course-no: BIB 6020

Using the methods and tools of biblical theology, you will explore what Scripture teaches about the person and work of the Holy Spirit from Genesis to Revelation. Special attention will be given to the theme of Holy Spirit empowerment and its implications for living the Christian life.

John D. Harvey

(Th.D., Toronto School of Theology, Canada) Has been a member of the CIU faculty since 1992 and has been Academic Dean of the Seminary and School of Ministry at CIU since 2011.


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